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Anti Barack Hussein Obama

"Anti Barack Hussein Obama"

Barack Hussein Obama is probably one of the scariest and most dangerous politicians to come out of the Democratic machine since Slick Willie in 1992. There are just too many unanswered questions in his carefully hidden past, not to mention his total lack of experience. So of course this is the perfect individual to be elected and re-elected President of the United States. Way to go, America! Brilliant move. You drank the Extreme Left Wing Koolaid and now you and everyone else will have to deal with the consequences of your actions.

The United States of America can now be officially labelledl as an Obama Nation. Pun intended! US Flag is shown upside down in the distress position with the usual red, white, and blue colors replaced with the Black Liberation colors of red, black, and green.

Barack Hussein Obama: AntiChrist

"Barack Hussein Obama: AntiChrist"

Some individuals are claiming Barack Hussein Obama is the Anti-Christ and are providing lots of proof on various websites. We're not 100% sure about any of these theories, but it sure makes for a compelling design for you to to wear and show off to your Republican and Conservative buddies! :)

As much as the liberal media bends over backwards to prove that domestic terrorist Bill Ayers has no links with Barack Hussein Obama, it's pretty clear that their relationship goes back many years and that Ayers had a hand in grooming the young and impressionable Obama for higher political office. This humorous design throws these facts into the face of liberals everywhere with a pun on the phrase: "Here's looking at you, kid!" by appropriately replacing the word "here's" with "Ayers."

Barack Hussein Obama is the first Communist and Socialist United States President in the history of this country. Call him out for what he really is: Marxist, Communist, and Socialist. He can claim to be otherwise, but you can show the world that you see through the thin veneer down to his true colors! A leopard can't change his spots no matter how hard he tries.

Obama Sucks

"Obama Sucks"

Barack Hussein Obama SUCKS bigtime! Sure, it sounds childish and petty, but it gets the point across, doesn't it? Even idiot Democrats will understand what you think of their "Chosen One."

Barack Sucks

With this "Barack Sucks!" design you can almost guarantee that the mindless liberal hordes will be baying for your blood since you dared to insult their PC Messiah! Well, to hell with them. Literally as well as figuratively!

If you reject Barack Hussein Obama as President and everything he stands for, you definitely NEED to have one of these designs to let the world know where you stand. Hopefully you and the country can survive his disastrous presidency and make it to the pont where someone is in charge who actually knows what he (or she) is doing and can celan up the mess.

Barack Hussein Obama: Dear Leader

Since Barack Hussein Obama is viewed by the Media and by Liberals as the Messiah, Neo, King, Emperor, Ruler of the Free World, and a God all rolled into one, from now on, he should be referred to as "Dear Leader," just like North Korea's little tyrants, Kim Jong-Il, Kim Il-Sung, and Kim Jong-un. Except hopefully without the funny haircuts, ridiculous wardrobe, and the Dicatorship part.

Obama: Share your wealth

Like all good Socialist Democrats and Liberals, Barack Hussein Obama's goal in life is to tax the hell out of all hardworking taxpayers and transfer their hard earned money to those people that are too lazy to go out and get jobs on their own or those that have failed at the Game of Life. The theory always sounds good, but in practice it always ends up going horribly wrong.

When Barack Hussein Obama does something ridiculous/illegal/unconstitutional/immoral as President of the United States (which is frequently), you can whip out one of these designs to prove that you had nothing to do with putting this inexperienced and shady guy into office. Put the blame squarely where it belongs: on the individuals that voted for him!

Hussein Sucks

"Hussein Sucks"

Well, in 2003 we went into Iraq to overthrow Dictator Saddam Hussein. So what do we do in 2009? We elect a guy with Hussein in his name as President of the United States. Brilliant! Makes total sense. The nutjobs are officially in charge of the asylum! Stock up on straightjackets. It's going to be a very bumpy ride.

Stop Obama
Wear this design to show where you stand on having someone like Barack Hussein Obama as President! He's already made a bunch of misguided decisions that will reverberate through future decades which we, and possibly our children, will have to deal with. Best part: he's not done yet "fundamentally transforming America."

Impeach Obama

As President, Barack Hussein Obama is doing so many things to tear the moral fabric of America apart, it's time to start banging the drum for impeachment and save everyone the trouble. Who knows where it will end if we continue down this path? Change indeed.

Yes, we can! No, we won't

"Yes, we can! No, we won't!"

Barack Hussein Obama and his cronies are promising to shove their brand of government down the throats of all Americans, even the ones that didn't vote for it. You know, for the good of the country. Thanks anyway! We have no interest in your brand of KoolAid. Go peddle your Socialist nonsense elsewhere. Oh, and keep the Change.

When in doubt...Blame Obama!

"When in doubt...Blame Obama!"

Has life got you down? Want to feel better? Blame Barack Hussein Obama for all your worries and problems and a load will be lifted right from your shoulders! There! Isn't that better?

Just say NO to Hussein

Does America really need someone named Barack HUSSEIN Obama as President in these dangerous times? Obama's past is extremely murky and of course the Left Wing Media is protecting him and his past at all costs just so they can have an extremist far Left Democrat in the White House.

Barack Hussein Obama's List of Qualifications to be a Democrat

Barack Hussein Obama's list of qualifications reads like an extremely funny caricature of a typical Democrat: Communist, Liberal, Racist, Sexist, Drug Addict, Terrorist Sympathizer, Liar, and Hypocrite. His joke of a Presidency brings out much worse things, if that's even possible.

Barack Hussein Obama: the Wright Stuff

Barack Hussein Obama was, (until recently when it became politically inconvenient), an ardent supporter and 20 year member of a Black Liberation Theology Church led by his close friend and confidant, Reverend Racist Crackpot Jeremiah Wright. Which by definition makes Obama the Wright Stuff which is about as opposite as you can possibly get from the Right Stuff.

Barack Hussein Obama=Hypocrite

"Barack Hussein Obama = Hypocrite"

Barack Hussein Obama constantly changes his positions on a daily basis depending on what his poll numbers show. Must be a good strategy since he is now the so called Leader of the Free World. What a hypocrite! Of course the Left Wing Media just goes along with whatever their Chosen One says and don't dare to actually do their job and actually question anything. This guy is the Flip-Flop King!

Barack Hussein Obama is a total hype machine based on the premise that change is good no matter who is doing it, even if they have zero experience and even less credibility. The more empty but good sounding rhetoric gets thrown around, the more the leftist media falls all over itself to prop up this wannabe and annoint him as the new Messiah.
Barack Hussein Obama is going around telling everyone about what a great American Patriot he is. Dude, here's some free advice: patriotism is like respect. It's something you earn by your actions, service to your country, and who your associates are, not something you get more of the more you talk about it. Here's what NOT to do: receiving advice from unpatriotic race baiters like Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton; meeting up with an unrepentant domestic terrorist like William Ayers; having your wife Michele Obama make idiotic statements saying she is proud of her country for the first time in her life; consorting with shady convicted criminals like Antoin Rezko; refusing to say the Pledge of Allegiance; and not putting your hand over your heart for the Star Spangles Banner. Sadly, there is plenty more on top of that. The list is a little long to be honest, Barack. Hate to say it, but there's kind of a pattern here.

Barack Obama Stinks!

"Barack Obama Stinks!"

Our Barack Obama (B.O.) Stinks design is as memorable as that guy who forgot to put on deodorant in the morning and who ends up standing a little too close to you in a crowded elevator at the end of the workday.

Proof that money can buy Obama anything

"Proof that money can buy Obama anything"

Barack Hussein Obama received untold millions in untraceable funds from foreigners, terrorist sympathizers, and who knows what other shady individuals while he was campaigning for President. Not to mention getting milions from extreme liberal special interest groups. This proves the saying that: "he who has the most money, wins." In this case, the Presidency.

We went to war in Iraq to get rid of Dictator Saddam Hussein and now we've elected another Hussein to head the strongest nation in the world. Wow. On a scale ranging from "Whatever" to "Duh!" this decision rates a "WTF?!!!!!"

Barack Hussein Obama has been annointed the Messiah (take your pick on which one depending on your religion) by his followers and the Mainstream Media even though he is just a mortal man and can't possibly come close to ever achieving this status. You almost can feel sorry for the guy to have to live up to this impossible goal. Although with his raging ego he probably believes the nonsense the Media has fed him.

Harry Reid Sucks

"Harry Reid Sucks"

Democratic Senator and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is yet another sorry excuse of a do-nothing corrupt politician sucking the life out of the country with his misguided liberal policies.

Nancy Pelosi Sucks

"Nancy Pelosi Sucks"

Nancy Pelosi is just another typical example of what's wrong with Progressive Liberals and the Democratic Party. Her agenda has nothing to do with mainstream American values and ideals, yet she has the misguided notion that she knows exactly what's right for the country and will force her twisted beliefs down everyone's throats no matter what the future consequences. Show everyone what you think about Nancy Pelosi and her policies!

Could the Mainstream Media (MSM) possibly be any more biased with their fawning coverage of Barack Hussein Obama? Any pretense of fairness and balance went out the window the minute this guy pranced onto the political stage. It's sickening to be have to read, listen, and watch all this sucking up by supposedly smart individuals who should know better than to buy into and perpetuate the hype machine that launched this unknown and inexperienced individual into the Presidency. Almost all of the U.S. Media has lost all credibility at being able to offer balanced reporting and is now no more than a mouthpiece spouting the Party line. Just like in Hitler's Germany, Stalin and Putin's Russia, Communist China, and other countless Totalitarian and oppressive regimes.

Democrats have driven me to Drink

"Democrats have driven me to Drink"

Dealing with Democrats on a day to day basis can cause you to take up all sorts of vices like alcohol to deaden the pain and suffering. Hey, if it worked for Ted Kennedy, it will definitely work for you!

Democrats have forced me into Foreclosure

Since the Democrats and Barney Frank are directly responsible for the whole mortgage mess, why not place the blame right where it belongs to explain why you can't make payments on your mortgage and why you have lost your house?

How to tell when a Democrat is lying to you

"How to tell when a Democrat is lying to you"

You can always tell when those pesky Democrats are lying: their lips are moving! Absolutely drive your Dem friends and/or enemies insane with this statement.

Merry Christmas! (NOT Happy Holidays)

Are you sick of being barraged by the Politically Correct "Happy Holidays" every time December rolls around? Well, throw it right back with this "Merry Christmas" design! We're all for acceptance of all peoples and religions but, like it or not, this IS the Christmas season.

Oprah Winfrey, the mega millionaire talk show host and media mogul, along with all the other Left Wing Nuts in Hollywood, is so busy drooling over how awesome her fellow Black Liberation Theology Church member, Barack Hussein Obama, is that it is very awkward to watch. Stick to talking and selling books, "sweetie." You might alienate a portion of your audience that you happen to make money off of.

I Hate Liberals

"I Hate Liberals"

Who doesn't? They make themselves such easy targets, it's like dropping a nuclear bomb into a small stream because you forgot your fishing gear.

Democrats are Commies

"Democrats are Commies"

Let the Democrats know that you're onto their sinister little socialist schemes. Strike fear into their pinko little hearts!

Liberals are Commies

"Liberals are Commies"

What is it with Libs and their Communist and Socialist policies? Wake up people! The Welfare State doesn't work. So fight the Power and tell it like it is with this design!

Democrats Suck!

"Democrats Suck!"

Pretty self explanatory design. Need we really say more?

Liberals Suck!

"Liberals Suck!"

Do they ever! Liberals will suck your life away like a Hoover from Hell.

Blame Liberals!

"Blame Liberals!"

Not sure why life is getting you down? Not sure who to blame? Have we got the answer for you! It's got to be the Liberals fault! Isn't everything? :)

Democrats are Jackasses

"Democrats are Jackasses"

Jackass as in donkey. No, really. This is not meant to make your Democrat friends a laughingstock. Hee, Hee! Yeah, right! Just like Ted Kennedy was into drinking mineral water, healthy living, and exercise.

I Hate Democrats

"I Hate Democrats"

Next time your liberal minded friends are having a party, wear this design to liven stuff up! Guaranteed to stir up trouble wherever you go!

How to be a Good Democrat

"How to be a Good Democrat"

Have you ever noticed that Democrats somehow manage to take three positions on every issue? Every time they open their mouth, something so outrageous is vomited onto their unsuspecting audience that they constantly find themselves backpedalling and spinning everything to cover for their gigantic blunders. By the time they are done you just have to shake your head in awe.

Have You Killed a Terrorist Today?

"Have You Killed a Terrorist Today?"

If each and every freedom loving person went out and terminated a terrorist, the world would hopefully be a better and safer place. This way we could all go back to living our money-grubbing, petty, sinful little lives!

Democrats Fighting Freedom

"Democrats Fighting Freedom"

You ever notice that Democrats take the side of the murderers, terrorists, and other useless, psychopathic in-duh-viduals more often than the people that are actually the targets of all these nutjobs? Terrorists have feelings too. All together now: Aww!

Proudly Conservative!

"Proudly Conservative!"

Wear this with pride and be sure to flash it in the face of every liberal you pass. You will leave a swath of angry liberals behind you, making your day that much better.

Liberals are Evil

"Liberals are Evil"

Wear this and you'll have every Democrat on the block trying to whine you to death!

Liberal Media Bias

"Liberal Media Bias"

If you work in the Media, you might not want to wear this to work. You'll suddenly find yourself promoted to head the Toilet Management Department with no explanation given.

Right Wing In A Left Wing World

"Right Wing In A Left Wing World"

Nothing burns the liberalcrats more than telling them that the world is full of left-wingers bent on total domination of our country's thoughts and values. This design will help you find other like-minded individuals to fight the Power!

Democrat Definition

"Democrat Definition"

This is the equivalent of a double shotgun blast of raw truth aimed squarely at Democrats. BLAM!!! Let them have it! And if you're wondering why "racist" is in there, think about this: isn't it true that every four years Democrats appear in minority neighborhoods making big promises about helping out the disadvantaged? After the election, the Democrats are gone so fast all that's left over is the sound of echoing silence. Until four years later....

Hugo Chavez Sucks!

"Hugo Chavez Sucks!"

Dear Hugo, if we really wanted to invade the Banana Republic of Venezuela to take your oil away from you, we would have done it already instead of paying you for it and propping up your sorry little dicatorship. Enjoy it while it lasts! Make sure you put some of those oil profits in Switzerland in case of a rainy day.
Sincerely, Uncle Sam.

PS - say hi to Fidel for us.

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